Good news for the residents of New York! The weather forecast predicts mild weather on New Year’s Eve when the countdown will hit zero and the new year 2022 will begin.

No rain is expected and the highs will remain in the mid-50s.

The Monday forecast will make the winter weather gear up as the temperatures will start to slow down to as low as the 30s bundling up falling down.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country, especially the center, will be bracing up to witness some serious cold weather and snowfall on New Year’s Eve.

According to the weather forecast, a huge winter storm will be hitting the Midwest and the Great Plains as the 2022 ball will drop at midnight at the Times Square.

At least 18 states in the center of the country will be witnessing snowfall which is said to halt the travel.

Almost a foot of snow will be dropped in southern California while going all the way towards the Colorado Rockies.

Winter storm watch has been issued for five stages of the United States of America: Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

The metro areas of Denver, Chicago, Des Moines, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri are expected to be hit by the storms this New Year’s weekend.

Tornadoes outbreak can be expected in Texas till Ohio.

The road conditions are said to remain slippery throughout the plain states as a large number of flights were delayed and canceled across the country.

Because of the storm predictions, the maximum number of planes remains grounded in different airports.

According to the news, more than 1000 flights got canceled across the United States of America as per Friday night.