New York City police are on the hunt for a suspect involved in a string of stabbing that has been committed against the city’s homeless individuals in recent weeks.

New York ABC station WABC reports that a suspect wanted in connection with the fatal stabbing of a homeless man, 34, on July 5 is now also wanted for two further stabbings in the previous few days.

Friday, a 59-year-old man was stabbed to death in Manhattan’s Midtown district; on Monday, an upper east side resident of New York City, 28, was stabbed to death in the same park. According to authorities, both males were transferred to local hospitals where they are now in stable condition.

The assailants struck when the guys were sleeping. New York City police say they have video and images showing the accused stabber at all three sites at the time of the stabbings.

In a conversation with police, the 28-year-old victim recognized the suspect as “Delly” the suspect. The NYPD is looking into whether or not the suspect is also homeless.

In the United States, the problem of homelessness persists. There were an estimated 580,000 persons living on the streets of the United States every day prior to the epidemic, according to HUD data.