A Burger King restaurant in Brooklyn New York became the latest hotspot for a covid-19 anti-vaccine protest on Monday night which called a lot of attention as well as a police response resulting in the arrest of 5 people.

A video of the protest went viral online which showcased most of the participants of the protest were not wearing masks while shouting at the employees of the Burger King joint to serve them without the mask.

The New York administration has made it a mandate to require “all dine-in guests show a proof of vaccination.”

Some people outside the Burger King even shouted “shame on you” when police arrested these 5 people.

The NYPD did not respond immediately as to why the arrest was made.

The outside scene of the downtown Brooklyn restaurant went gruesome when the protest increased in similar ways as it did in different European cities against the covid-19 vaccine mandate.

The protesters overly criticized the government for “dividing the population by banning those without vaccine cards from living a normal life.”

Covid-19 cases are surging across the United States of America particularly in New York all thanks to the newly detected omicron variant.

The health officials have reported almost 22,000 new cases per day in a week in New York City.

The five people taken into custody are Mitchell Bosch, Augusto Alarcon, Michael Mitchell, Ethan Boisvert, and Bradford Solomon. They were all charged for “trespassing and remaining unlawfully inside the Burger King.”

The 5 arrested people were also issued “desk appearance tickets.”

Mitchell Bosch was also arrested earlier this month on 14th December after staging a long sit-in inside the Cheesecake Factory located in the Queens’ area. He was among the six people who were arrested for protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

All the six arrested were charged for “criminal trespass.”

Bosch has been actively participating in these kinds of protests across New York City. He was also seen in an Applebee’s protest against the vaccine mandate.

Mitchell Bosch was issued “desk appearance tickets” in both past ordeals as well which took place at Applebee’s and the Cheesecake factory.