Since the new owner took over the New York Mets in November 2020, the team has been undergoing a complete change. The new owner vowed to increase the spending and transform the team and bring back the glory days with a win in the upcoming season.

Changing of the managing staff in acquiring new talent and buying high-performance players, the team is undergoing some serious transformation.

The New York Mets acquired high-profile players Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco from Cleveland Indians in a blockbuster deal leaving the Cleveland fans in dismay. They have performed well and made so many records while playing for Cleveland.

Cleveland Indians have been facing a financial crisis and it was becoming next to impossible to keep these players with them thus trade proved to be beneficial.

As COVID-19 shortened the season last year and losing to New York Yankees in the wild-card round, Indians made everybody known about the trade intentions and also the availability of Lindor in the market for the right price.

Since Cohen took over, New York Mets have been buying many players here and there and in fact, made changes in their managing team also.

Lindor is at his best career-wise with many fruitful years to come and already a sought-after player making new records.

The 27-year-old Lindor is a two-time Gold Glove winner making him one of the most popular athletes of Cleveland but now he moves to a new team and a new city leaving behind Cleveland’s fans grumbling about it.

Carrasco is such an inspiring story, overcoming a disease like leukemia and at the age of 33 years playing with all his might, making his replacement difficult for the Cleveland Indians.