New York City witnessed yet another bloody Sunday night when, in the span of a few hours, 12 people were shot and 2 were stabbed to death.

According to the police, a young teenager of 16 years was shot brutally in the area of Brownsville at approximately 8:24 p.m. Three other people along with him also suffered from gunshots after a fight broke hell loose in the area of Rockaway Avenue Subway Station.

Police stated that one man who was involved in the fight shot the teen on the head, while brazing the other man with bullets in the stomach.

Two others were also hit by the bullets. The teen is said to be in critical condition as he received treatment at the Maimonides hospital.

In a separate event that took place in the area of East New York, an elderly woman of 74 years received gunshots. Her stomach. The law enforcement agencies claim that she was sitting in the courtyard area of the Louis Heaton pink houses in the evening at about 6:36 pm. The bullet pierced her stomach and she was rushed to Brookdale hospital for treatment. According to the hospital representative, she is in a stable condition.

On New York Avenue, Brooklyn, a man was shot late at night, at 11:15 p.m.

In a separate event that took place in the area of the Bronx, a mother and daughter duo were shot at Bristow Street. Both are said to be out of danger and doing better in the hospital.

A Staten Island resident was hit by a gunshot while walking towards the Richmond University medical center on Sunday night. Whereas a woman walking her dog on the southern boulevard was also grazed by stray bullets.

The stabbings took place in the Queens area.

52-year-old Oscar Gutierrez was fatally stabbed around 6.30 pm at the intersection between Queens Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue.

He was taken to the Jamaica hospital medical center where he was pronounced dead because of numerous stab wounds on his lower torso.

In a separate event at the Flushing Meadows Corona Park, a man was stabbed around 8 p.m.

Gunshots were fired in the area of Malcolm X Boulevard where the 34-year-old man succumbed to his wounds and died. The violence continues to haunt the citizens of the United States of America as it rapidly grows and becomes an imminent problem for the Biden government.