[Rust Shooting Case Update] – New Mexico state authorities have been working with the New York police officials to obtain material from the alleged shooter, Alec Baldwin’s cell phone who shot a cinematographer on the shooting set of the movie Rust, revealed the Mexico police on Thursday.

The New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney’s Office and Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office are “actively working with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, New York, and Baldwin’s lawyers to get any materials on the phone pertaining to the investigation,” a statement received in a press release.

The statement arrived 3 weeks later when state investigators received a warrant to confiscate Alec Baldwin’s iPhone for examining his emails, text messages, and other information stored in his phone, as per the court’s documents.

Baldwin’s attorney and a representative for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Dept did not respond to comments requests.

Alec Baldwin holds property in Amagansett, Suffolk County.

According to the 30 Rock star, he was holding a prop gun during the shooting on the set of Rust when it went off and killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

“Actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a movie set in New Mexico, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza”, authorities said. Reuters Tweeted. 

In a recent television interview, the actor denied taking responsibility for the murder as he said, “I had no idea how a live round got onto the set”.

The prosecutor from New Mexico, superintending the case, has said earlier, all the people involved bringing the live ammunition onto the set will be convicted of Hutchins death.

A detective from Santa Fe said, “I sought the search warrant for Baldwin’s phone after she requested it on a voluntary basis and was instructed to acquire a warrant,” as per an affidavit.

“Victims and witnesses often make and/or receive telephone calls and/or messages before, during and/or after the commission of crime(s)”. “Such information, if it exists, maybe material and relevant to this investigation.” says the affidavit.

After a few months of the incident, on Christmas, Baldwin posted a video saying, “Actor Alec Baldwin said the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins ‘is never going to be behind us’ in a Christmas video message posted on his Instagram account”, Reuters tweeted.