An incident that has shocked the New York state to the core as three children were found unconscious at Coney Island beach, Brooklyn in the wee hours of Monday where their mother was found wandering nearby.

The children were taken to the hospital immediately by the medical services workers but unfortunately died before treatment could be given to them.

The children were aged 3 months, 4 years, and 7 years. Their mother was found two miles away wandering barefoot and wet when police approached her. She has been “non-communicative towards the officers” since been taken into custody.

The NYPD chief Kenneth Corey stated that it was too late to save the children when they were found unconscious on the Coney Island beach.

The cops are still trying to find out whether the kids were drowned in the sea before they were found unconscious on the shoes or if there have been other means used to harm the children to an extent that they passed away.

The police were first alerted by a concerned member of the family via a 911 call approximately at 1:40 a.m. The member stated that he thinks the mother of the three young children might harm them. The family member gave the address of the Neptune Avenue Apartment and the officials responded to the apartment which was stated in the call.

The door was locked and no one answered. When it was unlocked no one was in the apartment. A man was found in the same building who claimed to be the father of one of the children and he expressed the same concern as the member of the daily who made the 911 call.

The man gave a tip to the police that he thinks the woman might have taken her children to the boardwalk at Coney Island beach.

The NYPD officials started a full-scale search which encompassed the areas of Coney Island beach, the boardwalk, streets, and even the hospitals.

Almost 90 minutes later the mother was found in a distressed condition on the boardwalk and the kids were found unconscious just 2 miles away around 4:45 a.m, approximately 3 hours later the first call that was made on 911. The police are trying to make the mother talk but she is not in a communicative condition. The police have asked other witnesses to come forward to determine what actually happened to the young children. The woman has not been involved in any kind of neglect or abuse incident previously.