New York – A 11-month-old girl was shot straight in the face while sitting in a car with her mother in the Bronx area. She became a victim of a stray bullet from a crossfire.

According to the New York police department, the shooting incident took place just minutes before 7 pm, when an armed man shot two fires while chasing another man down the street.

The New York police department deputy chief Timothy McCormack said during a news conference that the mother and the baby girl were sitting inside a car parked at a corner while the father of the baby had gone into a grocery store nearby when the gunshots were fired, the girl’s left cheek was injured critically.

“This is not the city our children should grow up in. And we need help,” New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday night. He called the shooting a “wake-up call” and implored legislators and district attorneys to address the issue of gun violence in the city.

“We need help from Albany, we need help from our district attorneys and we need help to make sure we don’t continue to put young people in the pathway of violence. We’re losing on both ends.”

Vanessa Gibson, the president of Bronx Borough also released similar sentiments like the mayor.

“This has been a state of emergency,” Gibson said. “We are beyond this being a cry for help when a mother can’t sit in her car with her child, to have to hear a gunshot and thought it was a rock that hit her car and realizing her baby was shot.

“This is not normal, and we will never accept this violence as normal,” Gibson added. “This is a crisis. We need help.”

The recent shooting episode in Bronx, New York showcases the plight of the nation as gun violence surges rapidly across America impacting young children the most.

In the first three weeks of 2022, forty kids under the age of 11 have been injured so far due to the gunfire. The gun violence archive showed that these shooting episodes across America have claimed as many as 15 lives of young children so far.