New Mexico: An elderly couple in New Mexico died in their house that burned down due to the raging wildfire – forcing many to flee to the mountainous region, local authorities reported.

“Wildfire claims 2 lives and chars more than 200 homes in southern New Mexico,” Bloomberg Tweeted.

On Thursday, remains of the elderly couple were found who according to their family had tried to evacuate their home in northeast Ruidoso but got unsuccessful, New Mexico State Police said.

With the couple’s death, the so-called McBride Fire marks its first fatality. Since its eruption on Tuesday, the wildfire has burned 5736 acres of land and destroyed nearly 207 homes in the region.

With dry winds gusting at a speed of 90mph, the wildfire has ripped through the canyons in the forest aligned with homes.

On Tuesday, the social media post from the location showed that a school was encircled by flames as teachers and parents attempted to evacuate the place.

Before extinguishers attempted to put it off on Wednesday, the blaze covered a ‘few hundred feet’ from Ruidoso’s main street and almost half-mile from the state’s hospital.

At least 5000 of the state residents fled their homes in Sierra Blanca mountains, located 135 miles southeast of Albuquerque, said the local officials.

“Firefighters have successfully held the fire from moving further into the town of Ruidoso at this time,” Lincoln National Forest’s spokesperson told a news outlet.

Another source Tweets about the ongoing situation saying “McBride Fire has destroyed 207 homes & burned 5,736 acres.

Spring-time winds gusting 90 mph.

5,000 Ruidoso residents have been forced to leave homes in the Sierra Blanca mountains 135 miles SE of Albuquerque.”

On Thursday flames reportedly traveled to the northeast side over vast unpopulated canyons and mountains. Meanwhile, fast wind gusts that have been aiding the fire spread are expected to come down to 20 mph.

The senator for New Mexico, Senator Ben Ray Luján urged everyone to keep their families and friends updated about the situation, he wrote,

“It’s vital that you and your family keep up-to-date with the current whereabouts of the wildfires in NM and take evacuation protocols seriously. I’m praying for those we have lost and that there will be no more fatalities or injuries.”