Dr. Antony Fauci stated that it is still too early to declare victory over the coronavirus pandemic. He appreciated the decline in covid-19 cases but still emphasized the urgency to vaccinate the population of the United States of America.

Dr. Paul Offit, who is a member of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Advisory Committee agrees with Dr. Fauci. He stated that as new Covid-19 variants keep on emerging across the globe; it might take years to completely vaccinate the country.

He further stated that the virus doesn’t see any borders! It has spread across the globe and continues to mutate in more transmissible variants such as the newly emerged delta and alpha variants. Even though the present vaccines are effective against these strains, it can be crucial when many infectious strains emerge; making it all the more important to attain widespread immunization.

Offit stated that to stop a virus from spreading, it is important to have a high percentage of the population be immunized and protected as the new Covid-19 variants spawn now, it is more likely that a newer more contagious variant might emerge anytime.

According to recent data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, almost 52.5% of Americans have received the first dose of their vaccines whereas 43.7% of individuals are fully vaccinated against the deadly disease.

The virus may likely surge in winters, and to combat that it is of utmost importance that almost 80% of the population be completely vaccinated.

Offit stated that the vaccines will help you stay out of ICUs and hospitals if you contract coronavirus after being vaccinated. It will protect you from getting very sick.

A very fortunate knowledge discovered by the scientists is that the human immune systems memory B cells continue to grow and generate massive protection against Covid-19 for almost a year after contracting the disease which in simpler words mean that people who have contracted coronavirus will maintain their immune system by responsive antibodies being generated for a year.

Studies showed that people who had been infected by covid-19 in the past, became vulnerable to the new variants but the vaccines generated a stronger response in these people thanks to the self-generated antibodies.

The antibodies which are produced organically by the memory cells give increased potency and breadth to the immune system, said Michal Nussenzweig who is a molecular immunologist at the Rockefeller University.  This research should encourage them to get themselves vaccinated even if they have contracted coronavirus already to boost their immune system against the deadly virus.