Former lead at the hit tv show “The Bachelor” and former N.F.L linebacker, Colton Underwood came out as gay in April in a highly emotional interview on “Good Morning America.”

He announced that he’s gay and it has been tough for him to come out in public after the huge success of the show he was featured in.

The 29 years old now gets featured in a 6-episode series on Netflix titled “Coming out Colton” which will dig deep into the life of Underwood and his struggles about coming out eventually.

Colton dealt with a lot of struggles and contradictions both mentally and emotionally. He was a born Christian but refused to continue being a catholic altar boy.

The former N.F.L linebacker revealed that it was the locker room which he feared the most.

Life is better after coming out. Now he can openly go out on rodeo drives with his boyfriend. He said that women still attract him but he’s not bisexual.

The Netflix series is like a memoir diary of Underwood in which he reveals his orientation to the close family and friends who didn’t have the slightest idea about the changes he had been going through.

“I’ve lived my life so publicly straight, and I ran from a community I’ve belonged to my entire life,” he said over breakfast at Hugo’s in Santa Monica. “I knew there was going to be a lot of people who didn’t understand. Maybe at the end of these six episodes, people still don’t understand. But at least I’ve tried to undo the wrongs.”

The executive producer of the series, Jeff Jenkins stated that when they approached Underwood, he was already considering coming out so we thought that it will be a new positive to share his story helping other people to come out without fear.

“We saw the positive of him sharing his story,” said Jenkins. “He already has fame and — not to speak out of turn — but this documentary is not going to make him rich.”