Naftali Bennett swore in as the new prime minister of Israel, ending a 12-year long power regime of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – termed as Israel’s longest-serving premier.

Naftali Bennett won a vote of confidence with a very narrow margin; 60 votes over 59 – clenching the premier position from the former prime minister literally by inches.

Naftali Bennett’s government was successful enough to break a very long political rule over the country; by forming a very diverse coalition party Israel has ever seen. The coalition groups include an Arab party as well which will be serving the government from now on.

Before winning the vote of confidence, Bennett celebrated the diversity of his coalition party along with warning the polarization of the country because of the long withstanding government of Netanyahu.

Bennet became the prime minister of Israel as the leader of Yamina which is a staunch right-wing party and has only seven seats in the parliament. He also became the only prime minister in the history of the country which has such small representation in the parliament.   On the other hand, Netanyahu’s Likud party had won 30 seats in the election but he could not bring the other smaller parties in coalition with his party to extend his term as prime minister of Israel.

United States President Joe Biden was one of the first people to congratulate Bennett on becoming the prime minister of Israel and stated he looks forward to working together with the new prime minister.

Biden also called Bennett and extended his congratulation and talked to him at great length regarding bringing peace in the region and consulting each other closely regarding the matters related to regional security which includes Iran.

President Biden also conveyed to the newly elected premier that he intends to work closely with the Israeli administration to pave efforts in advancing security, peace, and prosperity for the people of Israel and Palestine.

According to a statement released from the newly elected prime minister of Israel’s office, both the leaders emphasized the importance of the alliance between the nations, and they both should work together to strengthen the ties between the two countries while maintaining the security of the state of Israel as the topmost priority.

Bennett also expressed gratitude towards Biden for supporting Israel during the recent operation on Gaza.

Bennet is a seasoned politician and has served as economy minister, defense minister, and education minister. He began his career as Netanyahu’s chief of staff.

On the other hand, Netanyahu warned that this coalition government will not last very long and he will be back sooner than they think.

Bennett’s political survival largely depends upon his ability to work on domestic issues as well as the burning issue of Palestine. Israel did not pass a budget since March 2018, so clearly; Netanyahu leaves the office with a stack of problems for the incoming prime minister to address as soon as he takes charge.