Nelly received backlash for telling Madonna to “cover-up” after the American singer and songwriter posted steamy photos on her social media.

“Nelly slammed Madonna telling her to cover up after she posted more raunchy snaps”, a Tweet said.

Madonna, 64, shared a bunch of pictures over the weekend with the caption, “Car trouble.”

The pictures saw the Grammy award-winning singer wearing fishnet leggings, lace underwear, boots, and a bustier while posing with the car.

Like so many other people who witnessed the sexy photos, American rapper Nelly also checked them out as he commented, “Some things should just be left covered up.”

After the rapper’s comment, fans rushed to the comments section to defend their favorite “Like a Virgin” singer.

“@Nelly because she’s female? Would you comment on a Male artist? It’s ok though, her legacy far out-stands yours,” one fan wrote.

“I love that Madonna doesn’t give a s*** what anybody thinks,” said another.

Rapper Ja Rule wrote, “How can you not love Madonna?”

“The misogyny in these comments is a sad reflection of the world and Madonna fandom. Express yourself don’t repress yourself at any age!” wrote one of her followers.

“Can a woman not age and embrace sexuality at the same time without criticism? The comment section is disappointing,” wrote another profile.

“Madonna has always been a free, sexual woman who pushes boundaries with her music, style and artistic creativity. Age and motherhood does not change any of that. I hope she always pushes the limits, stays true to herself and continues not to give AF. #icon” wrote Madonna’s fan.

One of the singer’s pictures saw her posing against a couch wearing a black corset with pants which she paired with matching boots and a stylish hat.

In the last picture of the carousel, the singer donned a Military style cool jacket which had ‘God save the queen’ printed in gold.

Some fans also questioned if the original Material Girl had gotten her bottom enhanced cosmetically following her stage performance going viral before 2019 on New Year’s Eve.

The performance video included the singer and her son, David Banda, 16, at the Stonewall Inn residing in New York City.

While fans chanted, many noticed her changing body. Last week, the outstanding performer said she wishes to “reenact” her popular MTV Video Music from 2003, Award Kiss, with controversial singer Britney Spears, who is on the verge of taking legal action against her sister for her derogatory remarks, on one stage.