In Nebraska on Tuesday, a school bus that was carrying students was engaged in a collision with a tractor-trailer vehicle. The officials claim that the school bus overturned, causing injuries to every single one of the students who were riding inside.

According to the Chase County Sheriff’s Office, the accident took occurred on a rural highway near to Champion just before four o’clock in the afternoon while the school bus was delivering pupils home at the end of the school day.

The police said that the accident happened when a semi-truck that was driving a trailer full of grain collided with a school bus that was turning left at the time. The semi-truck collided with the bus, which caused the bus to lose control and it flipped over onto the driver’s side.

According to the statements by the sheriff’s, the car drove for a short distance before leaving the highway, driving through a ditch, and coming to a stop on a nearby property.

Eleven students, ranging in age from six to fifteen years old, were traveling in the school bus at the time of the tragedy. All of the children and both drivers “with a wide range of injuries” were sent to the Chase County Hospital after the accident. Three of the children were taken to the nearby trauma centers.

According to the authorities, the school bus driver was 39 years old and belonged to Champion, whereas, the guy driving the truck was 20 years old and belonged to Venango.

The authorities have said that the initial stages of the investigation are still being carried out by the deputies, and they have requested help from the Nebraska State Police in order to inspect both automobiles and reconstruct the crash.