Maralee Nichols, a personal trainer who is suing NBA star Tristan Thompson regarding child support, has recently given birth to a boy. Nichols is suing Thompson for child support.

Following an alleged romance with 31-year-old Nichols, on Friday exclusively reported that the Sacramento Kings player was on the verge of becoming a parent for the third time.

According to court documents, Thompson suggested his personal trainer lover seek an abortion and paid her USD 75,000 in hush money when she became pregnant while Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian at one point in their relationship.

According to explosive papers acquired by, the kid was conceived during Thompson’s 30th birthday festivities in March, when he was dating Kardashian, with whom he had a daughter who is now three years old. 

Nichols, a native of Houston, has now relocated to LA and issuing Thompson for child support, as well as payment of medical expenditures and pregnancy-related expenses incurred as a result of their relationship.

According to Page Six, she has also submitted text conversations between Thompson and Nichols as evidence in her paternity case, claiming that they indicate that he wanted her to abort the pregnancy.

Nicholas’ attorneys allege that the messages reveal Thompson addressing the parties’ relationship” as well as “insisting that she obtain an abortion and also threatening that Nichols would receive nothing with the lower support requirements in Texas.

According to a copy of a frightening text conversation acquired by Radar, Thompson reportedly offers Nichols $75,000 in exchange for her silence and tells him that he will be out of work after this season of the NBA and would be jobless.

He also makes it obvious that he has no intention of being engaged in the child’s upbringing or development.

Thompson said that as soon as they entered his hotel room they had sex. He insisted that the petitioner was the one who initiated the sexual contact and never opposed our engaging in sexual contact. She seemed to be fully awake and alert, and there were no indications that she was anything other than a consenting participant in our sexual activities.