The NBA has launched a formal investigation after the allegations of racist remarks made by the Utah Jazz’s vice president.

The racism allegations have come from Elijah Millsap who played for the Jazz between 2014 and 2016.

He accused Dennis Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Utah Jazz, of abusing him verbally. However, the allegations have been denied by Lindsey categorically.

The matter has gone a little unnoticed amid the incredible form of Jazz, but the charges have surfaced again after the NBA announced that it is carrying out an investigation.

Elijah Millsap, the younger brother of a former player Paul, has openly accused Vice President of Basketball Operations Dennis Lindsey of making racist remarks against him in 2016.

He quoted Lindsey as uttering real bigoted remarks, which includes phrases starting with the word ‘black’; an obvious racist comment.

Millsap further added that certain comments are very inappropriate and potentially racist.

The NBA is positioned as a force in the fight against racism, this case could create upheaval. There might even be a critical investigation against a VP who performed well against all odds.

The player added that this type of racist behavior is still present and that he wanted to share the truth, taking advantage of all the advances and events that have occurred over the last year.

Lindsey has been working for Jazz since 2002 and currently serves as the vice president of basketball operations, a role he assumed in 2019.

Rudy Gobert, who has been with Jazz since joining the NBA in 2013, has also been questioned about the allegations in an interview.

The Jazz has been one of the most prominent teams, which have been recognized for their role in eliminating racial injustice over the past two years.

Jazz has vowed to show zero tolerance for social injustice and is taking measures to avoid any such behaviors that show racial discrimination.

The official statement by the team following Millsap’s allegations has affirmed their faith in social justice for people of color.

In the current political context of the US, the events of racial injustice have been largely criticized by all classes of society.

The allegations are ironic when one of the team players, Donovan Mitchell, has recently received the NBA Community Assist Award for his role in social programs and community welfare.

However, the current investigation into racist bigotry has given new insights into how the internal affairs of the team are run by the top management.