Navarone Garibaldi, son of Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi tied the knot with his girlfriend of four years, Elisa Achilli on Tuesday. The ceremony took place in Switzerland, at the Schloss Hunigen Hotel in Emmental Valley. The 16th century castle acted as a backdrop, as the couple said their vows and kissed in front of friends and family.

Garibaldi and Achilli got engaged in December 2020 more than a year ago. Garibaldi, musician and frontman for the band ‘Them Guns’, posted about their engagement on Instagram back on Christmas of 2020 writing, “SHE SAID YESSSS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! #Engaged #MERRYCHRISTMAS #happyholidays”

Pictures from the beautiful ceremony show guests throwing colorful petals in the air, Priscilla Presley is seen among guests. Achilli wore a puffy Anastasia Bull white gown, with her hair open in curls and a veil covering part of her head. Talent manager and Elvis Presley’s longtime friend Jerry Schilling was also seen in attendance via a zoom call.

Talking to people about Achilli, Navarone Garibaldi told People magazine, “I never thought I would find a counterpart that is so understanding and supportive. She makes everything we do effortless, and I can’t imagine life without her.”

In an exclusive statement to People, Priscilla Presley told how she was “overjoyed” for the couple saying, “They’ve been together for four years and we’ve all have been waiting patiently for this day.”

She also posted about the ceremony on Instagram, writing, “Navarone and Elisa are MARRIED!!! The wedding was at the beautiful Schloss Hunigen Hotel in Switzerland. I couldn’t be happier!”

Elisa Achilli said about her now-husband, “Navarone is truly the most genuine, sweet, and sensitive man I have ever known and I’m so lucky that after four years of long-distance, we can start our life together as husband and wife.” Marco Garibaldi, father of Navarone Garibaldi, is a Brazilian screenwriter who later shifted careers by moving into computer programming. He was with Priscilla Presley for 22 years, from 1984 till 2006, their only son together was born in 1987. He wrote the TV series Dallas and directed The Power Rangers.