Residents of South Florida should brace themselves for further flooding as a result of the heavy rains that kicked off the work week. More rainy weather is forecasted for Wednesday throughout the region.

A flood watch has been issued for parts of Miami-Dade County and Broward County until 8 p.m. on Wednesday. This watch includes the metropolitan and coastal regions.

When it came time to issue the flood watch on Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service sent out a tweet that said, “Previous rainfall combined with current and additional heavy rainfall could result in flooding across these urban areas.”

Coconut Grove received more than four and a half inches of rain while Coral Gables received over four inches. The rainfall totals were recorded as of Tuesday night.

The torrential rain that fell on Monday produced a large amount of chaos in Miami, with numerous automobiles being stuck in the floodwaters near the intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 11th Street. According to the locals, this is an area that often floods.

Edgewater, Northeast 55th Terrace, Mary Brickell Village, and 7th Avenue were among the neighborhoods in Miami where authorities from the city stated they were pumping out water.

Because another 2–5 inches or more might fall during the day, total accumulations in certain areas could wind up being more than 10 inches over the course of the next four days. The dangers posed by rip currents have not diminished, and a high surf warning and a small boat advisory are both now in effect. The rain stops falling by Wednesday evening, and the rest of the week and into the weekend will see a significant decrease in the likelihood of rain showers.