Wreaths across America, a non-profit movement to cover the graves of veterans with Christmas Wreath, is motivating people of the country to come outside and wave flags for one minute in recognition of those who lost their lives or were affected by the unfortunate event of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack.

Residents are requested to take part in the trend to show their support by waving flags at suggested times i.e. morning 08:46, 09:03, 09:37, and 10:03.

At 08:46, in the morning American Airlines Flight 11 was hijacked by five terrorists, which then flew into the New York center and collided with the north tower of the World Trade Center.

At 09:03 am, American Airlines Flight 175 was hijacked by the other five terrorists, who then flew and hit the south tower of the World Trade Center.

At 09:37 am, a group of five other terrorists hijacked American Airline Flight 77 and crashed into the western side of Pentagon, headquarters of the US defense department, in Virginia.

And at 10:03 am, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania by 4 of the hijackers.

To pay respect to the people who died as a result of the, three women Joann Miller, Carmen Foote, and Elaine Greene climbed to a mountain in Maine and waved the American flag.

Since then, these three ladies have been waving the American flag every Tuesday. They have been widely known as “Freeport Flag Ladies”.

After eighteen years, they have decided to resign and Wreaths across America took up their cause to create awareness.

Karen Worcester, wife of the founder and executive director at Wreaths across America said that every Tuesday dozens of people from local communities and those who are motivated by the cause come to join us.

Wreaths across America also encourages people to take their photos and videos showing support. Flag-waving has become an emblem of hope in bringing the community together.