The global pandemic ended many ongoing events and systems all across the world. The public events and gatherings were restricted for almost a year until the situation started getting better.

Out of many sports events, NASCAR turns out to be the first sport to restart the long-closed car races. According to an official announcement, the race series was stopped in March and now they are finally being resumed in May.

The race will be set at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina. There will be around seven race events on differently assigned days. The races will cover South Carolina as well as North Carolina. Charlotte Motor Speedway would be the second racing track.

According to the NASCAR executive vice president, the race teams are really looking forward to being back in the race after so long. NASCAR tea further made sure that the environmental challenges will be kept in mind. The team will assure the safety of the participating contestants, game officials, and the surrounding community.

The announcement has been made that there will be no presence of the race spectators, to make sure that necessary precautions and safety guidelines are followed. The training sessions for the participants have also been eliminated.

According to the sports officials, the cars in the first race will be lined up in accordance with the owner’s points. No further strategies have been made for the following upcoming games.

NASCAR announced that each team will have to effectively supervise its members that are supposed to participate in the race. However, no repetition of team members will be allowed.

The pandemic is not yet over and a second wave is expected. By the current circumstances, NASCAR stated that it will ensure that all the necessary precautions will be taken. The temperatures of the participants will be thoroughly checked and it will be mandatory for the players to wear protective masks.

With the world situation getting better, NASCAR is looking forward to continuing the race leagues in Georgia, Atlanta, and other areas around the world.

Currently, getting official approval for such events is not an easy task. Although the situation of the pandemic is under control, still no risks will be taken.