The Perseverance Rover is a robot, the size of a car. It has built-in wheels, too. The rover structure is similar to the Mars rover that NASA has previously launched. The name of the Mars Rover is Perseverance.

The Perseverance rover, however, is different from the previous rovers sent to Mars. It has a whole different set of tools and instruments.

Also, it has a different landing place. The rover is set to land on a crater that once used to be a lake. The crater is present in the northern hemisphere of Mars. The name of the crater is Jezero.

The rover aims to find signs of life. NASA scientists are hopeful that there may be some signs of life there because of the obvious existence of a water body.

Another main objective of the rover is to find more evidence as to whether or not there was a pre-existing life on the crater in its water body.

The Rover was set to launch on Thursday at 7:51 a.m. There were many technical difficulties in its launch as the pandemic made it difficult for the engineers to work.

Most of the engineers had to work from home and hence, because of this the launch had to be delayed.

A much-unexpected situation occurred during the launch, with a magnitude 4.2 earthquake hitting the station. It came as a shock to the team during the count down.

Many employees have also expressed their thoughts on the social platform, Twitter.

After the launch, the NASA team communicated how the contact with the rover had been lost for a little while. However, technical difficulties are experienced at almost every launch. So, they weren’t surprised.