Republicans were not given the chance to discuss another relief package on the floor for a few months now. Nancy Pelosi is now ready to make a deal after admitting that she had withheld the talks on purpose.

After Republicans had lost the presidential elections, Pelosi restarted showing interest in relief talks. This move by the House Speaker is considered to be petty and politically motivated by the Republicans.

She should have been more compassionate about the people suffering from the coronavirus. There are millions of people who have lost their jobs during this pandemic and many are suffering right now.

Both political parties agreed to offer relief to the people. After seeing the current situation of the pandemic, new legislation is highly anticipated by the masses.

People are upset about Pelosi deliberately trying to delay the relief talks as a political move. She was waiting for Donald Trump to lose the election against Joe Biden, and this is exactly what happened.

She wanted the opportunity to get back at Republicans, no matter how much they pursued it. She was resilient to go into negotiations with Republicans and made sure that the talks get delayed.

Democrats are running the House, and their relief bill, the HEROES Act was rejected in the Senate. It is considered that Pelosi was looking for a comeback from Democrats as their previous bill was rejected.

Both parties were acknowledging the fact that people have lost their jobs in this pandemic. And there must be a middle ground where both parties could meet and help the people in need.

When Pelosi was asked about a sudden change of heart, she believed that it was due to the coronavirus vaccine and a new president. She was willing to agree upon relief funds amounting to billions but not in the bracket of trillions.

She has put a lot of faith in the new president and this shows her political bias towards Democrats.

She believes that the new president will take scientific research seriously and think about the future of the people, whereas, Republicans were providing people with money that would not have ensured a successful future for them.