On Wednesday, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, insisted that they won’t be making any decisions on the restoration of Twitter’s banned accounts for at least a “few more weeks” while the company tries to put in place a clear process for doing so. This is all happening while there are reports that many advertisers are pondering holding back the spending on Twitter over their content moderation concerns.

Key Facts

  • Musk, in response to a tweet about Twitter’s efforts to combat election misinformation, stated that users who were “de-platformed for violating Twitter rules” will not be allowed back onto the platform until the company establishes a content moderation council, which he anticipates will take several weeks.
  • This basically eliminates the possibility that former President Donald Trump and numerous other personalities associated with the platform’s exclusionary right-wing fringe would return prior to the midterm elections.
  • Musk took his contentious idea to charge users $8/month for having a verified Twitter badge on their account to a new level on Tuesday evening by upgrading the functionality behind an upgraded version of Twitter Blue.
  • Musk said that anyone who is dissatisfied with the $8 monthly cost may “continue complaining,” but he would not budge on the price, which he thinks will help diminish Twitter’s dependency on advertising.

According to a number of stories, as well as Musk’s own statements, the platform is likely going to undergo some significant modifications in the near future with a primary emphasis on revenue. On Tuesday, Musk provided an overview of his plans for a revised Twitter Blue membership service, which would have the added benefit of a verified badge for users. Musk has said that customers would be able to submit lengthier videos and audio segments, get precedence in answers, mentions, and searches, and see fewer advertisements. However, the specifics of this feature are not yet known.