Are you a 90s child? If so, you are lucky because today’s generation’s lives largely revolve around mobile phones and social media. In fact, a study revealed that 84% of teenagers aged 13 -18 in the US got their first smartphones in 2019. Each of them spent more than 22 hours on social media.

Due to such extensive usage, children can encounter perils like cyberbullying, sextortion and online harassment. Thereby, as a parent, you need to have close tabs on your children’s devices, and mSpy would be your best buddy to make that happen. For now, just know that it’s a monitoring app that can be easily installed on any device to track everything happening on it.

We won’t keep you waiting for long. Ahead, you will find a detailed review on mSpy, including how it works and how much it charges.

mSpy Overview

mSpy is a device monitoring app/software launched by MTechnology Ltd. It is capable of tracking phone calls, social media activities, instant messages, location etc., on your children’s device. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a parental control app.

Do you know what we liked about it the most? Once installed, it runs smoothly in the background without anybody knowing. It completely conceals itself in the background in an incognito mode, making it unable to detect by the target phone.

The app was launched back in 2010 and has made its way to the top of mobile spying apps around the world. Not just is it reliable, but it’s easy to set up and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The data acquired by the app gets uploaded to the company’s cloud servers, where you can access it using their web-based dashboard. The entire process, from navigating the app to accessing data, can be done via a laptop or a cell phone. If you think its use is limited to parental control, you are wrong. It can be used for professional purposes as well. For instance, top management leverages it to keep track of its employees using the company’s devices.

mSpy Top Features

mSpy tool offers a host of exclusive features that help you learn what your children are doing on their devices. While it has both basic and premium plans, we have listed the combined features below.

  1. Monitor internet activities: Even though mSpy software has multiple tracking features, we chose to start with this one as we find it the most useful for parents. With mSpy, you can monitor what your kid is watching on the web and what pages he has viewed by looking at the search history.
  2. GPS tracking: Another amazing feature of this software is that it shows you the GPS records if you have installed the software on your child’s phone. Moreover, you can track their location in real-time.
  3. View text messages: Via mSpy, you can read your child’s incoming and outgoing messages even if they are deleted from the phone.
  4. Check call history: Kids are obsessed with clearing their call history, and we all know why. Though, they cannot dodge mSpy as it shows you their call history with date, time and call duration before they delete it.
  5. View photos and videos: mSpy enables you to view all images and videos stored on your child’s phone.
  6. Access contacts: We know how badly you want to slide into your child’s contact list to check who they are in contact with. mSpy makes that easy for you by enabling you to access your child’s contacts and calender.
  7. Keyword alerts: With the mSpy tool, you can make keywords by yourself, for instance, ‘drug’, ‘sex’ or ‘guns’. By doing so, you will be instantly notified when your child receives an email containing those keywords.
  8. Websites & app blocking: This one is another wow feature of mSpy via which you cannot just view what apps have been downloaded on your child’s phone but block certain apps if you find them not appropriate for your child.
  9. Unlimited device switch: Initially, you need to download the mSpy software on one target device, though you can change the device unlimited times frequently without getting a new subscription.
  10. Incognito mode: The main reason for this app’s success is its ability to do all the things mentioned above without letting the target device know. It works in the background of the device and gets completely visible to provide you with the results.

How does mSpy work?

To start using the app, you first need to install the software on the phone, which runs in the background. Once the installation is complete, it acquires data of the target phone, such as location, messages, calls etc., and shows you on your dashboard, where you can monitor everything easily.

Note: The app requires an Internet connection (Wi-fi or 3G/4G) to show the data on the dashboard. Also, you need to ensure that the target device is also connected to the internet.

How to Install mSpy on the target device?

Following are the steps that must be followed as listed to capture the data of your target device.

1. Get mSpy Subscription

You must have mSpy’s subscription to unlock its features essential to capture the target device’s data. Once you have the subscription, do the following things;

  • Create a mSpy account: The first after subscribing is to make an account on the app using your valid email. Check the Terms & Conditions box before hitting the ‘Try Now’ option. In a bit, the app will send you the installation instructions.
  • Choose a device to monitor: At this step, you will be asked to pick a monitored device. mSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Pick a package: Next, you will have to select from mSpy’s subscription offers which include 1-, 2- and 3-months packages. However, do remember, that to use mSpy advanced features, you will have to jailbreak the target device.
  • Confirm your purchase: Once you select the package, add it to your cart and head to the checkout. Enter your banking credentials and finalize the purchase.

After the purchase completion, you will receive an order confirmation email containing your order details, Control Panel link, id and password to help you install the app.

2. Disable Play Protect

You must disable Play Protect in order to use the software on the target device. Following is how you can do so.

  • Open Play Store and press the menu button.
  • Next, ensure that the target device has an internet connection and is unlocked and charged.
  • Locate and open Play Protect
  • Select Settings on the right-side corner.
  • Disable the ‘Scan device for security threats’ option

Perfect! Now, you are good to jump to the next step.

3. Download mSpy Installer

Now it’s time to download the mSpy installer. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open Google Chrome on the target device
  • Select the address bar
  • Now copy the link you got in the confirmation email, paste it onto the address bar and press enter.
  • Next, re-captcha security will ask you to draw a square to confirm you’re not a bot. Click download and then ‘Ok’ in the bottom pop-up window.
  • After doing that, if a prompt appears at the bottom of your screen, click ‘open’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Allow from this source’ and return to the main menu.
  • Tap ‘Next’
  • Once your download finishes, tap ‘Open’

4. Install mSpy

Once the downloading is done, you will acquire to install the software’s file on the target device. Consider this the final (technical) step, as, after that, you just need to monitor. Following are the steps to install mSpy on the target device.

  • Check the ‘Accept the License Agreement’ box.
  • Click ‘Allow for all permissions’ if a prompt pops up. Follow the on-screen instructions and allow all the necessary access.
  • Now open the email you had received after purchasing the subscription, take the Registration Code from there and enter it in the given space.
  •  Lastly, tap ‘Complete Installation’

You have successfully set up mSpy on the target device and now start monitoring.

5. Start Monitoring

To begin tracking, you need to open your mSpy account and then Control Panel. There you will require to enter the target device’s information, such as Model, make or phone number, and your work is done there. 

After performing all the 5 steps, you will easily monitor your child’s activities on social media, websites, or other apps on their smartphone.


Indeed, mSpy has everything that you expect from a device monitoring app. It provides you with even minor details of what’s happening on the target device. It was quite shocking to learn that the software even monitors the keystrokes on a device. Since not all parents are tech-savvy, its user-friendly interface makes it the best monitoring tool for parents. Moreover, it is compatible with all major operating systems like iOS and Android. If you’re strict on budget, you can try its basic version, which costs $29.99/month.