Money? The most important thing in this world. You can’t drink, eat, or even survive without it. Everything has a cost and everybody has to pay for that cost as well. By reading the title, you might be thinking how can a person save this much amount of money in such a short time? Let me introduce you all to Ms. Alice Matthews. The mother-of-two has her own Instagram with almost 14k followers. She was basically put to a test by her followers to see her saving skills, they challenged her to save money under 15 min time. And she aced it!

As a part of the “Financial Fitness Campain”, MoneySuperMarket had set this task and involved Mrs. Matthews showing up to what extent she would succeed in saving money through the price comparison website in the time given.

Here’s is what she did:

  1. She managed to save on both car insurance providers and energy suppliers. Being able to save $249 and $400 respectively.
  2. She changed her phone contract, saving $210 per year.
  3. She also switched to a cheaper Annual Travel Policy, saving $35.

On a whole, if we see, she has banked $804 as savings in just 15 minutes, on just her household bills.

As well all know, 2020 has been hard on us, from no matter what perspective we look at. Financial, geographical, or health-wise, everything has just gone downhill. And as we know, since the businesses were shut down, there hadn’t been much of a saving. So saying this amount of money is the real deal. According to Alice, “This year has been a tough year for everyone, so saving an amount as big as $804, it is a really big result.”

She also helped by providing tips to people. According to her, it would help a lot if we look out for our current contracts and shop out more. For example, if a person is with their phone or energy provider for a long time, there is a high chance that they are overpaying.  Switching a provider is by no means hard for anyone. In terms of saving money often, she said that it would be better for people if they switch to different and cheaper supermarkets for their everyday use products. According to her, small changes bring a bigger one.