The start of the pandemic has brought us a lot of different lifestyle modifications. Not only, did it give rise to the term “new norm” has compelled us to remain locked in the comfort and safety of our homes.

Throughout these times, when there were not many activities, people indulged in bittersweet snacking habits. Thus, at the end of the adversity, people developed a strong sense of ineptness in their lives due to the guilty pleasures they indulged in.

Apart from that, work at home also caused a weary lifestyle. Due to such hectic routines, people barely had time to think about their physical fitness and diet.

Kiera’s new workout

Fitness expert Kiera Strokes, a celebrity fitness expert and nutritionist, has devised an easy solution to these problems. She came up with the idea of toning your body with the long, dreaded hours of exercise. Her creative ideas for fitness included combining the day-to-day routine with muscle-toning work.

Kiera is well known in the Hollywood industry, working with stars like Ashley Graham and Candace Cameron Bore. The term movement snacks refers to how small movements carried out in our daily routines can have a multitude of effects on our fitness throughout the day.

There is no need to buy expensive and specialized equipment and a yoga mat to set the tone for the day. It also does not require a fixed schedule to be taken out of the routine.

While explaining the benefits of her routine to a news channel, she focused on the health benefits it provides. Apart from fitness and a healthy physical body, the goal is to provide a healthy and balanced brain function, which is a very important element in the work from the home that has been developed.

According to Kiera, trust and the establishment of a belief system this routine would provide such benefits is the key. Every person should adopt a positive attitude towards health and fitness. Meanwhile, it is a step by step process that will be achieved by setting achievable and small goals.