Gregory and Travis Mcmichael have remained imprisoned for the past several weeks. The men were accused of murder after they shot Ahmaud Arbery, a twenty-five-year-old African American man. The accused duo requested the judge to give them bail and release them from prison.

In defense, late Ahmaud’s mother pleaded with the judge to not let it happen. She further said that men like Gregory and Travis were a threat to everyone around because they believed that the killing of Ahmaud was justified.

She also said that they might do the same act again if they were let out of jail. She testified in court, stating that both the adults took pride in murdering the twenty-five year old. She insisted that in their mind, they did the right thing and they are not guilty.

According to the loved one of the deceased, both the men did not have an ounce of regret or guilt that they had killed an innocent man. Wanda Cooper Jones stood completely against the bail of the killers until the time of the trial.

Inside the hearing, Gregory and Travis’ friends and family testified in their favor. Travis’ mother and friends revealed that he was not a threat to anyone. He would not try and hurt anyone on purpose and that he was a good man. On the other hand, Gregory’s wife also testified. She said that her husband will not try to escape or runway while being out on bail. His co-workers also said all kinds of positive things about him.

The decision of whether the bail will be granted or not is yet to be made by the court. William Bryan, the person who filmed the fatal shooting was not given bail in July after a judge declared that William might try to run away instead of waiting for the trial.

According to the officials, Travis was the one to shot Ahmaud whereas William filmed the killing.

While the decision is yet to be made by the jury, many people already gathered outside the court to protest against the bail. They chanted ‘no bond’ which meant that they did not want the killers to be released on bail.