Young actor Moses J. Moseley dies at the age of 31. He was best known for playing the role of pet zombie in the hit apocalyptic horror show – The Walking Dead.

The actor had been reported missing last week by the family.

The makers of The Walking Dead paid tribute to the young actor. While co-star Jeremy Palko stated that the actor was “an absolute kind and wonderful human being.”

Another fellow actor from The Walking Dead said the late actor was “an absolute kind and wonderful human being.”

Addy Miller stated she is “so heartbroken to hear about the passing of this bright, kind soul”.

Melissa Cowan said on Facebook that Moseley was “truly one of a kind and a class act”, and was “always nice, funny and [had] a smile to light any room”.

Moses J. Moseley is said to have hailed from South Carolina but later his family settled in Georgia. He also studied law in Georgia. The late actor had once stated he had no plans of coming into showbiz but was approached one day to appear in a film and that’s how his career began.

The film which he was offered was “joyful noise” back in 2012 featuring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.

This film paved his way to a stable career in Hollywood. He was later seen in hit films like “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, and HBO’s watchmen.

Moses J. Moseley had published a book also comprising inspirational slogans and quotes.

Avery Sisters Entertainment, a talent agency released a statement saying “Moses was a phenomenal actor who has appeared in movies such as The Walking Dead, Queen of the South, and American Soul, but MUCH more than that, he was an AMAZING person!

“For those who knew him, he was the kindest, sweetest, most generous person you would ever meet. We will miss you dearly!”

Tabatha Minchew from Established Artists stated “Moses was a very talented person, with a bright light around him.

“He will be missed deeply by his friends, family, and fans. Always a ball of happy energy around him.”

The police are said to be investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.