Working from home isn’t exactly as enjoyable as it sounds, for many it isn’t enjoyable at all. If anything, it keeps you more engaged compared to if you are working from office.

However, with COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, we aren’t left with much choices.

Sitting in one place; hooked to your laptop screen; and attending conference calls for hours are not the routines we imagine to be a part of an ideal lifestyle.

Here’s the worst part though: engrossed in work, you often begin to lose track of how much food you are having. Most remote workers get into the habit of skipping their routine meals.

As substitutes, they grab the nearest packets of chips and munch away.

Skipping meals is far more detrimental than we care to admit. The diet you consume (or don’t consume) significantly impacts your physical and mental wellbeing.

A study observed that individuals who ate more veggies remained more cheerful, more active, and more inventive during work.

According to dietary guidelines, a healthy diet constitutes of foods rich in proteins (e.g. poultry, fish) as well as fruits and vegetables. However, it should include low amounts of fats.

You are probably wondering; how exactly does one eat healthy food? Here are two easy ways to incorporate wholesome meals into your busy routine.

The first very convenient technique is meal prepping. Take some time out on the weekends, pre-cook your food and divide it into portions for the coming week.

Two or three good recipes should do the trick, although, eating the same meals for 7 days straight can get monotonous. The meals might even become a bit stale towards the end of the week.

An alternative method would be to order healthy meals. These nutritious meals will not only be delivered directly to your doorstep but they also come in small servings so no more rancid food.

Mail-order offers you a wide variety of meals – slightly expensive – but for the time and effort they save, it’s worth it. So head on over to Sakara Life or Blue Apron and start ordering some healthy foods.

The WHO claims that proper nutrition can make you up to 20% more productive.

So start improving your diet and watch your mood, energy levels, and life experiences change positively.