Marvel vampire Morbius came up with its own flick and the trailer, which was released just after the spooky festival Halloween, looked very promising. It is supposedly a spinoff to be released on 28th January 2022.

The trailer narrates a story of a superhero Michael Morbius, who is a scientist trying to cure his rare disease by infusing the DNA of a bat.

Jared Leto looks very promising as the main lead while Adria Arjona joins him as his fiancé.

The rest of the cast is also perfect in their significant way. Tyrese Gibson, Simon Stroud, and Jared Morris can visibly be seen in the trailer as the main characters of the movie.

Ironically, Morbius is not connected to the cinematic universe of Marvel but as Sony owns the rights for Spiderman, therefore, all the characters who hail from the comic series automatically become part of Marvel.

Morbius’s character first appeared in the comic series back in 1971.

Disney is the rightful owner of almost all the other Marvel characters except for Spidey.

Spiderman appears regularly because of the deal between Sony and Disney.

The previous trailer showcased that Morbius might easily go and infuse into the Marvel cinematic universe as he appeared in Michael Keaton’s Vulture. This crossover doubled the excitement of the spider man fans. As the crossover projects are the most loved ones.

]Venom – let there be carnage fueled up the adrenaline rush amongst the fans for a cross-over. The newly released trailer also showcased Morbius referring to himself as venom in a joking manner.

There might be a crossover between different Spiderman characters in the next installment of Spiderman all due to be released in December titles as Spider-Man: No Way Home.