On Thursday, Moderna received authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to allow the distribution of its Covid-19 vaccine. After that, FedEx was assigned the task to ship the vaccine across the U.S.

The factory employees in Memphis along with a facility in the Olive Branch of Mississippi had the responsibility to pack the vaccine in the boxes.

On Sunday morning, a truck full of the coronavirus vaccine took off while being accompanied by a police escort. It is expected that the shots would be given on Monday.

As the vaccine is out, experts plan to take the important decision to identify people who should be vaccinated first using Moderna’s vaccine. A similar committee will debate the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine.

Pfizer’s first shots have already been given to people about a week ago. FedEx has said that it collaborated with McKesson that is distributing Moderna’s vaccine to the people.

The COO of FedEx, Raj Subramaniam has ensured the safe and efficient shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine by saying that it is the most vital task in the history of the company. He further said that this is what the company stands for.

The Cambridge-based biotechnology company Moderna will be delivering about 20 million doses of the vaccine. These vaccines are to be distributed to the government of the various states by the end of December.

The healthcare professionals are the most affected ones when it comes to the coronavirus. They are going to be on the priority list to get the shots of the fraction as Moderna’s CEO suggested.

Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines, both of them require two different shots which are to be separated by several weeks. It is believed that these vaccines are safe and are effective up to 95% which is a good sign.

This virus could not have been contained if the right steps would not have been taken by companies like Pfizer and Moderna. America was one of the leading countries with the most coronavirus cases and these vaccines are a ray of hope.

People are still unable to believe that the vaccines are on the rollout on such short notices. These vaccines are not only ground-breaking but can also be considered as a modern-day miracle.

There is no doubt that this is exceptional work from both the companies. It is highly appreciated by the masses as they await their turn to get vaccinated.