Moderna manufactured a vaccine against the coronavirus and then it was tested on eight volunteers, all of whom were healthy. Fortunately, the vaccine does not have any side effects as of yet.

This is certainly proving to be a ray of hope amidst the pandemic and for everyone eagerly waiting for things to go back to normal. Now, seeing the positive results in the initial phases, experts are confident that it can be used in a larger population for trial purposes.

The participants taking part in the trial will also be a part of the upcoming trial tests to see if the vaccine is effective in real-time or not.

The technology that Moderna uses involves mRNA which is a genetic material extracted from the virus. The method in use is quite new and has not been used for practical purposes in developing a vaccine yet.

The news of the probable success of this new vaccine in its trial phase has made Moderna’s stock price go up. Numerous drug manufacturing companies, including Pfizer, now have only one goal and that is to come up with the vaccine to treat Covid-19.

The virus has affected countless people and has made the economy stagnant across the globe. Vaccines are now being viewed as the best possible solution out of this pandemic.

Professionals have the opinion that it is necessary to manufacture more than one vaccine, considering its global need which would eventually lead to a shortage. Another concern that they have is that it may lead to the introduction of multiple vaccines that can be harmful to the patients.

With the change in the weather, most of the countries are eager to lift the restrictions of the lockdown and some have been successful in that. The citizens of the US have also been looking forward to the end of this pandemic.