MLB has finally responded to the calls asking to boycott Georgia State by calling off the All-Star Game from Peach State due to a contentious new voter-ID rule. However, when collecting tickets from the Will Call booth, fans must display photo identification.

The main argument here is that demanding voter ID makes cheating or theft much more difficult. Such laws will be resisted only by those who steal or intend to defraud others. It says a lot about the Democratic Party’s position.

Many Netizens along with South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace raised their voices against this law on Twitter. But MLB hasn’t replied to any tweets for clarification of its photo ID policy for ticket extraction. Senator Rand Paul also tweeted calling the league out on Twitter. People were angry and claimed that Voting is a constitutional right guaranteed to all citizens of age.

Georgia’s Election Integrity Act

Supporters of the campaign to switch the All-Star Game out of Atlanta’s Trust Park this year claim that Georgia’s election Integrity legislation is a form of voter intimidation and is discriminatory. It has also been nicknamed Jim Crow in the Twenty-First Century by President Joe Biden. Georgia’s new legislation comes after Republicans won both Presidential elections and President Joe Biden narrowly defeated former President Donald Trump on Election Day.

The Georgia election reform bill, among other items, raises the number of advance balloting days, allows monitoring of poll count, forbids ballot collection, and allows voters to cast missing votes without an exception, but includes evidence of identity.

It also enhances the State Election Board’s power over territories. Another rule would make it illegal for someone to give food or drink to people who are waiting in line for a ballot. The decision drew public attention, with both admiration and criticism. Former President Donald Trump has called to shun baseball and other active businesses

Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp stressed that Republicans had misrepresented the bill he passed. And these changes have little to do with voter repression of Jim Crow.  The Election Integrity Act makes it easier to vote by improving polling place accessibility and making it difficult to scam by enforcing ballot box protection.