Mitt Romney, the United States senator from Utah and former presidential candidate, tweeted on Tuesday and decried the way how the politicians of the country are tarnishing its image.

Mitt Romney has expressed his thoughts on the current situation of politics. He said in his tweet that he has been quiet for so long but watching the behavior of politicians, he is feeling troubled by the current politics.

He is of the view that politics is about conveying high-spirited debates but now in the US, it has moved to nasty, offensive, and hate speeches. According to him, the nation deserves better than this.

He further added that there is a foul exchange of words between candidates such as when President Donald Trump calls the vice-presidential candidate a ‘monster’ and calls the speaker of the house ‘crazy’ multiple times.

The president further asked the Justice Department to put Joe Biden in a cell and attacks the former politicians as well.

On the other side, Keith Olbermann calls Trump ‘a terrorist’ and Nancy Pelosi also attacked the president on National Television. Above all, media is promoting and amplifying every foul speech. The participants of the upcoming elections are doing nothing but attacking and censuring each other.

Romney is of the view that these violent, angry, and mean behaviors of the politicians are dividing our country. Everybody in the country is frightened about what will happen next.

The whole world is watching America with ‘abject horror’. The United States is divided because of these political brawls of the politicians.

Read the full tweet by Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney ends his tweet by advising to ‘lower the heat’ and create awareness. He said that there is still some time to end this kind of behavior. It’s everyone’s responsibility to play his part rightly and sensibly. All the politicians, leaders from across the United States, all the parents, professors, communists, reporters, and everyone needs to think about it and the future of their country.