A Mississippi man who was convicted for killing his wife, as well as sexually assaulting a young 12 years old stepdaughter, was put to death on Wednesday.

He committed the horrific crime of sexually assaulting the girl in front of her dying mother. He became the first person to be executed in Mississippi in 9 years.

David Neal Cox, was convicted back in 2012 and was sentenced to death for assaulting Lindsey Kirk and murdering Kim Kirk Cox. According to the reports, he sexually assaulted the young girl three times in front of her mother who was bleeding profusely and later died at the house of her sister in Sherman, Mississippi back in 2010.

Mississippi inmate put to death who sexually assaulted stepdaughter and killed wife 1

David Neal Cox surrendered to all of his crimes and was pleaded guilty in court. The court filings wrote him as “worthy of death.” He was put to death today with the aid of lethal injection at the Parchman State Penitentiary, Mississippi.

David Neal Cox’s last words were that he wanted to tell all of his children that he truly loved them and that “I was a good man at one time don’t ever read anything but the King James Bible.”

David Neal Cox also left a letter with the message that it should not be mailed or read until he has died. The letter is about the disappearance of his brother’s wife Felicia Cox in 2007. It is assumed by the family members that Cox had something to do with her disappearance as well.

Lindsey Kirk stated that she might find peace now but she misses her mom so much. She further confessed that Cox had been sexually assaulting her for years in secret by telling her to keep her mouth shut or else will “kill” if she told anybody.

She gathered up courage and told her mom who got him arrested and was given a restraining order. He was later released from jail without any trial and found mother and daughter at their sister’s place where he killed his estranged wife and tortured her in her last moments while sexually assaulting young Lindsey Kirk.


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