BILOXI, Mississippi – Authorities found a possible suspect involved in the Mississippi Gulf Coast motel shooting that killed the owner and two employees and the subsequent killing of a man during a carjacking, dead on Wednesday, reports said.

“A shooting spree in Mississippi left four people dead and resulted in a police standoff with the suspect Wednesday, which ended when a SWAT team found him dead inside a local business, officials said,” CNN Tweeted.

According to the police reporting, the gunman was engaged in a two-hour standoff with the police before he was found dead.

“Five dead in Mississippi hotel shooting as gunman engaged in two-hour standoff with police,” Daily Mail Tweeted.

The possible suspect whose dead body was found by the police has been identified as 32-year-old Jeremy Alesunder Reynold, said Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer.

Gulfport Police Department’s incoming chief, Adam Cooper, stated that the suspect hid inside a Gulfport convenience following leaving a stolen vehicle.

Gulfport is located west of Biloxi, the city where the Broadway Inn Express motel shooting happened.

After investigation, authorities identified the shooting victims as; Mohammad Moeini, 51; the hotel’s owner, Laura Lehman, 61; and Chad Green, 55, both employees. Both the employees used to live and work at the motel.

An eye witness from the shooting scene detailed the chaos at the motel, with people frantically trying to escape, WLOX-TV reported.

It was further reported that another man was shot to death while carjacking after shooting at the motel. He was shifted to the hospital for surgery but died there. He has been identified as William Waltman, 52.

Police released teargas into the store where the suspect was holed up. They initially tried to negotiate with him outside the store but got no response. When they got inside, they found him dead, said Cooper.

An autopsy has been scheduled for the deceased suspect to determine the death cause.