Lena Blasser had everything planned out. She first had to pick up her grandson, merely 6 years of age, for lunch, and then she would go to purchase him a bicycle.

She had none of those opportunities.

Among the hundreds of people who remain missing after the Miami building collapse, there is a 60-year-old Pablo Rodriguez’s mother and 88-year-old grandmother who are still missing.

They reside in Miami, but for the week they had a property in Surfside, they were spending time there.

Every hour it becomes less and fewer people are hoping for a miracle, Rodriguez remarked while sitting in a Miami bar.

The causes of the building fall have not been established as of yet, and President Biden extended full support and aid for the rescue operations.

He added that he is keeping himself strong for his kid and is living day by day.

His grandmother, who worked as a travel agent, was in the building that collapsed, and his mother, who is retired, was in the second building that afterwards fell on top of it.

He said that their arrival coincided with utter pandemonium. No one understood what was happening or what we should do, Rodriguez recalled.

His return to the Surfside’s Grand Beach Hotel, where a lot of family members and friends of those who were missing had congregated, was full of stories about the strong mother-and-son connection he had with his parents.

They discussed life, spending time with loved ones, and traveling on a regular basis, including the night before she went missing.

Rodriguez said that everyone is incapable of processing this. It’s terrible, and then there are short moments. He also shared that his brother is coming in from Washington, D.C. to join him. He added that they are really close. Family is the most important.

The family ate Philly cheesesteaks at Geno’s Steaks and visited the Museum of Benjamin Franklin during the trip.

Rodriguez’s wife, Vivian Lasaga, 40, added that tomorrow will be difficult if she does not come to pick up her son.

She said that her mother-in-law is someone she can rely on, and the two often cook for one another.

Lasaga said that the building was also occupied by at least three more families from her church.