Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino stated that he spent his Christmas away from his family in quarantine after he tested positive for Covid-19.

The 39 years old actor, Mike Sorrentino posted on Instagram that he spent his holiday away from his wife Lauren Sorrentino, and his 7-month-old son Romeo Reign. This was his son’s first Christmas.

“So much to be grateful for this year. Romeo’s 1st Christmas, my 6th soberversary and the love of friends & family,” Mike began his post, which features pictures of his wife Lauren, 36, and Romeo celebrating the holiday. “Unfortunately I am not in any photos because I am quarantining from testing positive from Covid-19 yesterday. My symptoms are currently mild and I’m eating Christmas cookies in bed resting.”

After thanking “family, friends, and fans that have always supported me,” Mike continued, “We are making best of a tough situation.”

“Happy holidays & stay safe,” he added. “The Comeback is always greater than the setback.”

His wife also made an emotional and heartfelt post on Instagram to mark the “intimate Christmas.”

Lauren Sorrentino stated, “It’s a quarantine Christmas in our house as I’m sure it is for many of you reading this.” While sharing photos of herself, her son Romeo and dog Mosey.

“We are lucky that Mike’s symptoms are mild 🙏🏼 praying for everyone affected by this over the holidays,” she added.

In the comments section, Mike responded: “Miss you guys 😖.”

Lauren Sorrentino later shared photos of her son to mark the first Christmas of their son. She shared photos of the little guy wearing Christmas outfits.

“The greatest gift of all 🎁,” she captioned the Instagram post. “Romeo Reign’s first Christmas 🥺.”

Mike Sorrentino later shared photos and videos of his son celebrating Christmas with the caption “I can’t stop smiling at these Christmas photos 😢,” he said.

The Jersey Shore actor has been updating his Covid-19 days regularly on Instagram. He has been updating his fans about his condition and life in quarantine.