The former Vice President of America, Mike Pence has left for his home. He has wished the new President, Joe Biden, good luck. He was grateful enough to be chosen for the role – four years ago – and now he believes that he needs rest.

He believes that no place on earth can give him more pleasure than staying at his home, back in Indiana with his wife.

Mike Pence addressed the close supporters whom he knew very well. He was looking forward to spending the time with his family in Indiana and making the best use of the years to come.

Even after leaving his office, he was among the people with whom he has worked for the past four years.

Pence did not hesitate to congratulate the newly-elected President and the Vice President. It is a huge step – on his part – even after the chaos at the Capitol.

He was also grateful to the former President, Donald Trump, and the First Lady, Melania – for making America great again. He was happy to announce that he has been serving under one of the best presidents America has ever seen.

Mike Pence being grateful to Donald Trump seems strange because he was heavily bashed by Trump on Twitter, right after the Washington DC Capitol Siege on January 6.

Pence was also unsupportive when it came to overturn the election results, and believed it to be free and fair.

He remained composed during all these crises, and came out as a man with dignity.

Mike Pence attended the ceremony in which Joe Biden took the oath as a 46th President of the United States.