A large number of migrants are reported to have marched towards the southern border of Mexico in hopes of getting into the US after Trump leaves the Office this Tuesday.

President-elect, Joe Biden had announced several times during his election campaign of making new, and softer rules for the migrants from the neighboring countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes that President-elect Joe Biden will work with Mexico and other countries on the immigration issue, urges the US to make major changes in the immigration policy – as promised – so that the insurgency among these small countries can be reduced.

Tens of thousands of Central Americans try to migrate to the US every year in hope of a better future, which rids them of poverty, violence, persecution, and unbearable living conditions.

The living conditions have further deteriorated after two huge hurricanes hit central American countries last November, leaving these countries battered.

President Donald Trump had imposed a strict immigration policy, especially for the southern US border that saw him building a wall on the Mexico-US border to stop the illegal immigrants from entering the US. He had put pressure on Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico to crack down on these migrants.

President-elect, Joe Biden had vowed to end these strict immigration policies of his predecessor and bring newer resolutions for the migrants. But, Biden’s team has warned those – planning to move to the soil of the US as soon as Biden takes an oath in the office – that the new policy would not be put into action overnight. It will take time, and the immigrants who have already made it to the US will be facilitated first, rather than the ones who still live outside the US borders. The new administration urged the migrants not to plan their journeys as yet because policies still have to see the dawn of the day.