BENTON HARBOR, Michigan – the problem persisted after the three years of known tap water dangers that  Benton Harbor has been facing and multiple notices being sent for water treatment. Some nearby residents even said they were not aware of the water toxication problem in the first place.

Authorities now have prohibited the residents from stopping tap water for drinking, brushing, and cooking.

On Thursday, the elected officials visited Benton Harbor to promise help to the residents while the drivers snarled the traffic for water bottle giveaways.

 Rosetta Valentine, managing the area where the water distribution took place, said, “It’s horrible to watch, to see my city like this,”. People started to queue even before the distribution started.

In Benton Harbor, several homes are connected by lead pipes for water supply. The measures authorities took to prevent corrosion have reportedly failed, with officials growing concern that the filters incorporated in 2019 for lead removal might not work.

According to authorities, the Benton Harbor water condition shows the national failure for a safe water infrastructure that requires massive attention.

Erik D. Olson from Natural Resources Defense Council, an organization that works to address the contamination problem in Benton Harbor, said, We’ve basically just been living off our great-grandparents’ and grandparents’ investments in our water infrastructure and not been dealing with these festering problems,”

He also said, “the lead problem was just part of this ticking time bomb we have underground of lead pipes, of water mains that are bursting.”

President Joe Biden, 46th U.S. President, made the pipeline change plan a priority as a bill currently languishes in Congress to address the country’s water problems.