Multiple sheriff’s deputies in Michigan lifted a vehicle that had turned over an unconscious lady following a hit-and-run on Thursday, according to dashcam footage taken by the Oakland County Sheriff’s department.

After a speeding automobile passed the stop sign and opened it in Pontiac, some 30 miles north of Detroit, the lady was thrown out of her automobile. The speeding car driver, who was named Dantonio Tremone Nichols by the police as being 30 years of age, reportedly rescued his vehicle and escaped the accident.

A member of the House saw the incident and instantly saw that the woman was stuck underneath her vehicle and her 2-year-old child was sunk down in a car seat.

On one side of the automobile, eight sheriff’s officers managed to raise one side sufficiently to release the wounded lady.

According to Michael Bouchard of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, they knew it was a matter of life and death because she was underneath the vehicle and they couldn’t wait for help, and the jaws of life might not even work.They lifted the vehicle and pulled out as quickly as they could, so they could get as many corpses as possible there.

According to FOX2 Detroit, her kid was unhurt.

He was detained on Thursday afternoon by Michigan police, who said they had abstained from parole and was charged with having left the scene, driving on a revocation permit, and obstructing the police. It is held on a bond of 275 thousand dollars