Elections in the United States of America are near and as time goes by, things have become very bizarre. Firstly, we have a very controversial figure President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the other side.

US citizens saw just how unprofessional the first presidential debate was. The situation has become very uncertain as experts claim that US citizens are walking on an unchartered territory as of now.

The closer we get to the elections, the higher are chances of anything unexpected to happen at any time. Right now, US polls are pointing towards Joe Biden, chosen for the presidency by the democrats, in terms of who takes the lead.

It seems as though Donald Trump and the conservatives can see that they might lose this year’s elections. This is why they might be looking for ways to get more votes and ensure victory.

There is a non-profit organization backed by the Trump administration called the Michigan Conservative Coalition that has begun protests. These protests are against the extension of stay-at-home order which aims at curbing the virus spread.

The protests began after a zoom call online in April, and they were carried outside the capital of Michigan. The large-scale protests involved people blocking roads with their cars and assembling in large numbers.

This protest was against the social distancing rules that the stay-at-home order includes. Even the people who organized this rally did not expect it to become so big and impactful.

This rally led by the conservatives has a lot of rich right-wing groups supporting it along with Fox News and even Donald Trump.

It was so impactful that a conservatives even claimed that this movement might become even larger than the Tea Party. Tea Party movement came into being through the FreedomWorks group and they were against Obama’s healthcare reforms.

FreedomWorks also tried to undermine climate change and denied it. As of now, they are trying once again to help get Donald Trump re-elected as President this November.

Noah Wall is the vice-president at FreedomWorks and he claimed that this movement is bigger than ever witnessed in the history.