At least a month has passed since Michaela Nelson of the Ohio Army National Guard disappeared.

She hasn’t spoken to her family since Oct. 26. In a statement, military officials said she finished her AIT at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, on Oct. 2 but did not return to the Dayton-based unit.

According to information gathered by the news sources, James Terry, the private investigator hired by her family, thinks she is still alive and may be hiding elsewhere. Terry claims Nelson’s FaceTime is still ringing even though her phone is off.

He said that Michaela is using a phone, or some type of phone, and her number is not on.

On October 31, Nelson’s cousin Elise Miller claimed that Nelson’s final contact with family and friends was a text message with her grandma. She said that Nelson’s mother’s funeral was the last time Miller talked to Nelson.

Her father says that she might be anywhere in the US and she might still be driving her 2016 Dodge Charger SXT in dark gray.

License plate scanners in Columbus picked up her automobile between Oct. 6 and 15, according to the elder Nelson. The car was gone by the time she was reported missing and police searched the region in early November.

A restraining order against Nelson’s ex-boyfriend is no longer in place, according to Nelson’s father.

One of Nelson’s cousins tells Fox News Digital that she’s been spending more time with a different group of pals in recent months. From her home state of Indiana, Miller was able to identify many of the athletes in the group.

At Cedarville University in Ohio, Michaela Nelson competed in track, where she was a 4-year letter winner.

Terry believes Nelson’s new social activities and the recent loss of her mother may have shifted her priorities and made her hesitant to return to her unit.

On her TikTok account, Nelson claimed to have filmed a video of herself during the NBA Finals a month earlier. Later, she responded to worries over her failure to graduate from officer candidate school a week earlier.

Columbus police are not currently answering any calls intended to seek information on this case.