American actor Michael K. Williams was well known for his role as Omar Little on HBO’s criminal thriller series “The Wire”. At the time of his demise, Michael K Williams’s net worth was $5 million.

On September 6, 2021, Williams was found dead in his residence in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Officials found drug paraphernalia from his residence, and he died as a result of an apparent drug overdose.

William’s Early life

He was born in New York City, on November 22, 1966, as Michael Williams. He was born to an American father and a Bahamian mother. Most of Williams’ early years were spent in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn’s Vanderveer Projects.

Technical Education High School and The George Westinghouse Career is where he went to school. He went on to study acting at the National Black Theater.

Michael K Williams Career

Williams began his career at Pfizer as a temporary employee. After a while, he decided to leave his work and pursue a career as a dancer. He spent a year living on the streets and looking for jobs at various record companies and dancing studios. Later, he was able to get a position as a background dancer, which eventually led to him appearing in music videos and on tour as a dancer.

On tour he ,had performed with some of the world’s most famous performers, including Madonna and George Michael. “100% Pure Love,” the smash hit song performed by Crystal Water, was choreographed by him as well. A bar brawl left Williams with a big face scar, which he used as a thug in certain music videos.

In the criminal thriller “The Wire,” Williams played Omar Little, a character who became a household name. He gave only one audition for the criminal series and got selected. To keep Williams’ role, which was initially meant for 7 episodes in a season, going beyond one season, creator David Simon formulated a plan.

Michael’s character’s homosexuality received both favorable and negative reviews from the audience and reviewers. In 2008, Barack Obama, the U.S. Senator from Illinois, lauded his performance in the series as a favorite role. “Six Degrees” brought Williams even more attention, and he was nominated for an Emmy.

“Snow on tha Bluff”, “Django Unchained”, “Life During Wartime”, and, “I Think I Love My Wife” are some of the movies in which Williams appeared briefly. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” initially cast him in the role of Dryden Vos. However, due to scheduling conflicts with another film, “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” he had to leave the project.

Michael Williams Personal Life

Michael Williams never got married despite the fact that he was involved with several women. He was alleged to have a relationship with actress Tasha Smith. He has a son called Elijah but Williams was yet to share the identity of his son’s mother.

On September 6, 2021, Williams’ nephew discovered him unconscious and face-down in the room of his apartment. It has been suspected that he died from a drug overdose after authorities uncovered drug paraphernalia in his residence during their inquiry.

Michael K Williams Net Worth

Before he passed away on September 6, 2021, Michael K Williams’s net worth was $5 million.

He Could Have Made Much More

In an interview with NPR, Williams stated that some of the roles he played did not pan out, leaving him financially strained. He became depressed, but “The Wire” rescued him before destroying him. According to the late actor, portraying Omar allowed him to grow in all parts of his life. He’d never been paid as much as he was for the first season of “The Wire.”

Williams would go shopping prior to paying his rent; he even employed an accountant since he was aware of his bad money management abilities. He imagined the affluence he gained in season one would stay forever, so he squandered his money. He relocated to Baltimore, but when the second season arrived, he was not as influential as he had hoped.

Despite having so much free time, Williams did nothing useful. Instead, he squandered his cash on drugs and drinks. He could no longer afford to stay in Baltimore at the conclusion of season two of “The Wire.” He was forced to return to the projects and sleep on the floor. Even though the directors were aware that he reported to the set high, they did not dismiss him out of concern that a jobless Williams would spiral further into addiction.

By the time of his death, Michael K. Williams had a net worth of around $5 million.


Michael K. Williams began his career as a temporary employee at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Over time, he made the decision to leave his job and pursue a career as an actor full-time. He was homeless for a year and looked for jobs at many dancing studios. For a few years, he worked as a background vocalist until ultimately obtaining a role as a dancer in music videos and on the road with various artists.

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