Steve Harvey has set certain limits like any father as he reacts to a steaming photo of his daughter Lori with bf Michael B Jordan!

During his appearance at The Ellen Show on Tuesday, Steve Harvey opens up about his daughter, Lori Harvey’s relationship with the Black Panther actor, Michael B Jordan, while issuing him a stark warning.

When the show host, Ellen DeGeneres, questioned the overprotective dad whether his daughter’s boyfriend Jordan had spent some holidays with Lori’s family, a steamy picture of Lori sitting on Michael B Jordan’s lap appeared on the screen during the show that captured Harvey’s sudden adverse reaction.

“Look at that,” said the 63-year-old host DeGeneres, while referring to the hot picture.” That’s happening in front of you?” she added.

“I’ve never seen that picture before,” replied Harvey shockingly.

“I’m very uncomfortable with that picture right there. Steve said. I’m not really feeling that picture” he continued.   

Steve continued explaining that Jordan had celebrated his second holiday with the Harvey family last year, on which the host asked whether the producer and actor “was a good gift-giver?”

 “Hell yeah”, replied Harvey.

“That’s why I like him,” he chuckled. “That boy come through. He [is] trying to impress the family. I’m a father, so he bought me this big 100 [pack] cigar box of the most hard to get cigars. 100 of them in this big box and he gave that to me.”

“He gave my wife some kiss, Who do that?” Harvey said. “Only way you give your potential mother-in-law some skis is because you want her to be your mother-in-law.”

Steve detailed why he is “pulling” for the Fruitvale Station star, saying “he’s a really good guy” and “comes from a good family.”

Though he is still nervous about the “Emmy nominee”, Steve joked.

“At the same time, I got my eye on him. I can’t whoop him but if he ever turn around, I’m going to knock his ass out” Steve said.

After months of speculations, Jordan and Lori made their sparking romance official via an Instagram post in 2021. The “pair have gotten serious quickly,” revealed an insider.

Later in April 2021, Jordan explained why he was never shied of revealing his relationship with Lori compared to his past ones.

I’m still private, and I want to protect that, but it just felt like it was a moment of just wanting to put it out there and move on,” “I am extremely happy”, he said.