MIAMI, Florida – A 41-year-old woman has been arrested for the death of her two children whom authorities found dead in her apartment, officials confirmed.

“Miami police officers found two children, aged about 3 and 6, dead after responding to several 911 hang-up calls from an apartment,” a news source Tweeted.

According to the officials, they responded to a recurrent hang-up 911 calls from an apartment on Tuesday night where they found ‘tied-up’ dead bodies of two children. They arrested the mother in connection with the killing.

“Come get them, I don’t want them anymore,” told Odette Lysse Joassaint to the officers who responded to the crime scene and documented the arrest report. Police stated, “she appeared to be irrational.”

On Tuesday, when officers reached the location, they found two children’s dead bodies: a 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl. The kids were lying on the bed in a prone position with their hands, neck, and legs tied up, the police said.

Before they tried to resuscitate the victims, Miami Fire Rescue arrived at the location and pronounced both dead. State authorities charged the woman with 2 counts of murder however, they did not reveal what happened to the kids or how they were killed.

Also, it is still unclear how many calls were dialed to 911 or whether the woman talked to a dispatcher.

A representative of Miami police, Michael Vega revealed that the children’s father was not living in that apartment. However, they found at least ‘4 calls’ dialed to the same address over domestic violence disturbance and trespassing, in the past year.

“None of the incidents involved the children and no arrests were made,” Vega told.

The father of the children, Frantzy Belval, told a news outlet that he used to pick up the kids every weekend and they would spend time together. Belval and Joassaint are both from Haiti. However, he came to the US in 1995 and she arrived in 2015.

“She had asked me to cancel my contract with the apartment to move in back with her,” Belval said.  “But she created too many problems.”

The kids’ father couldn’t recall any mental illness diagnosis for Joassaint. But he said she had lost custody of an older child who remained in Haiti with his/her father.

Law enforcement is closely working with the Florida Department of Children and Families. However, it is not confirmed whether it had been connected with the family members in the past.