As a crackdown measure to curb the unruly mass gathering of partiers amid the pandemic apprehensions, the Miami Beach curfew was imposed as a state measure of emergency.

On March 20, 2021, the declared state of emergency necessitated the closure of 3 main boardwalks leading into the city from 9 pm to 5 pm. Relaxation of movement, however, was extended for the local residents, workers, and guesthouse visitors.

However, the curfew has met with a great deal of defying moments from the diehard visitors and locals who apart from showing up in large numbers have miserably failed to adhere to the SOPs of observing social distance and mask-wearing.

The festivities at Miami Beach took a turn for the worst on Sunday night which experienced turbulence in the teeming vicinity of a residential area in 8th Street Pennsylvania, where a police squad barged upon an assembly of spring breakers enjoying their social moments outdoor.

As per police details, the area hosted around 500 individuals creating mayhem by stomping cars, shattering car windows, and windshields, and denting car rooftops, while others engaged in smoking marijuana and drank out of their wits. Many were reported to have incited riots on account of which several arrests were made.

Efforts to disperse the out-of-control masses proved to be in vain, which indicates why the implementation and extension of the Miami Beach curfew need to stay intact.

Consequently, on Sunday, the Miami Beach city commission voted to extend the initially proposed span of 72 hours (from Thursdays through Sundays) to be observed for another three weeks till April 12, 2021.

Under the regulation, all businesses will cease to function in the eventful South Beach area with the public advised remaining mindful of observing road closure timings. Traffic flow will be restricted and pedestrian movement will also be prohibited except for the local residents accessing the residential areas.

Ron Papier, Deputy Police Chief, stated that a greater number of tactical personnel had been taken on board to ensure better public compliance with the clauses of the Miami Beach curfew throughout the weekends. These officials will be operating under disguised appearances ready for prompt action in the wake of crowds overtaking the streets.

According to the Miami Beach Mayor, Dan Gelber, the massive influx of tourists and outsiders has amped up commotion and disorder in the city with a jam-packed scenario indeed not likely to go without undesirable impacts.

According to the Miami Herald, the initiated crackdown since February has led to a total of up to 1,000 detentions to date. The majority of the arrests had been of outsiders observing lawlessness in a no-limit-to-parting spirit.

It is understandable that Miami Beach operates as a civilian hotspot for not only the locals but also visitors and tourists who like to groove on the venue during the spring breaks.

Oblivious to the revised Miami Beach curfew schedule or maybe as an intentionally careless approach, many wanders were seen striding on the pathways along with many parts of South Beach.

Some justified their presence as having fun while others complained of insufficient money to return back and non-familiarity with the revised curfew schedule. Frequent arrests of violators are underway with police resorting to the use of Pepper sprays balls to ensure enforcement of the Miami Beach curfew.

Though the mass gatherings are a routine annual schedule for the people, yet this time the riling wave of the pandemic fatigue cannot be overlooked. The Corona spread out, vandalism, frequent violent outbreaks, civil unrest, sexual harassment, and security concerns remain to be focal areas of attention of the law enforcement authorities.