Miami, Florida – An elderly woman plowed into a busy outdoor dining area of a Florida cafe, killing one and injuring six, the state cops reported Thursday night.

“Miami Beach, FL: Large emergency response to Call Me Gaby restaurant after vehicle crashes into outside eating area”, Tweeted The Compass Observer.

At around 6:00 pm, the older adult attempted to parallel park her car and mistakenly pressed the accelerator, which caused the vehicle to barrel into patrons of the Miami cafe, Call Me Gaby, residing in the South Beach section of the state.

“Preliminary information suggests an elderly woman was trying to parallel park and instead accelerated into the crowd. 7 patients were taken to the hospital. 1 has died, condition of others unknown”, reports on social media revealed.

“A child was among the injured”, told a witness to the cops.

After a while, the photos of the incident circulated on the internet showed emergency response on Washington Avenue, the fifth neighborhood in the South. The authorities have shut the palm-tree-lined road to traffic for investigation purposes.

“I am never eating outside of a restaurant on a busy street ever again I just watched a car back into people eating outside on Miami Beach,” Tweeted one man.

The adult woman hit several tables in the outdoor setting, sending 7 to the hospital and causing one to die, said the police responding to the incident. The woman’s personal information has not been released yet. However, authorities reported her as ‘elderly’. The police did not release the victims’ identity either.

Call Me Gaby’s side path was marked with evidence markers and napkins three hours post the incident.

When authorities interviewed Robert Deburro, who witnessed the crash, he said, “there was black smoke everywhere when the car drove through. Some people were running; others went to help”.

“There was a small boy and a few people trapped underneath the vehicle. A bunch of people lifted the…and pulled a young boy out” he added.

Despite driving over several banks, the car didn’t stop, told Emre Pekusial to the local news channels.

Bystanders from across the Joe’s Stone Crab Cafe came to check when they heard a loud banging sound from across the road.

The restaurant has been closed after yesterday’s crash.

Clement Lottier posted a video of the incident on Twitter, showing smoke rising from the cafe as visitors ran away.

“Diners were seen running from the area, it is unknown at this time whether or not it was an accident or on purpose”.

It was a “devastating tragedy” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber called of the incident. “Our entire city grieves for all the victims and their families,” he said.