Even for those who were able to escape the horrific truck crash on a southern Mexico highway, the sheer number of migrants who were killed or wounded is enough to send shivers down the spine.

On Friday, some 40 survivors were reported to have many contusions at local hospitals, and they were the least harmed.

Some 20 people had broken bones in their arms and wrists as a result of the semi-hit trailers with a pedestrian bridge, indicating that they were trying to avoid the full force of the crash.

It was the worst for individuals who suffered brain damage or serious internal injuries such as crushed lungs and abdomens. Several migrants were thrown off the trailer as a result of the accident, which crushed them into one other and smashed them against the steel walls.

As soon as the collision occurred, Enmanuel Ramón Hernández, a neighborhood citizen, went to assist those in need. He argued that the weight of the migration may have contributed to the deaths of a large number of people.

Hernandez, as per New York Times, said that Injuries were mostly caused by contusions or internal injuries. He said that the first 45 bodies pulled out didn’t have any signs of shattered bones or obvious fractures. Within the group, they were suffocated to death.

As they lay in hospital beds, survivors told how their position in the trailer influenced whether they survived or died.

Survivors said that those who were crammed within the freight container’s weak walls almost probably perished. It was the migrants in the midst of the crowded throng that survived the container flipping into the road because they were protected by their fellow refugees.

A young Guatemalan migrant said that the ones that died were those who were up against the trailer’s walls.

He refused to provide his name since he had no valid documentation in Mexico and he recounted a horrific sight of screams and blood when the vehicle plowed into the steel pedestrian bridge on Thursday. There were roughly 250 people on board, according to him.

Dead and dying corpses suffocated the living as they tried to get out of the mess.

He said that two or three people collapsed on top of him.

On the way to Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Mexico’s Chiapas state, the truck’s driver, whose whereabouts remain a mystery, lost control of the vehicle on a hairpin bend. Mexican officials are trying to placate the United States by stopping the caravans of migrants and reinstating the “Remain in Mexico” policy, but they have been unable to stem the flow of migrants crammed into trucks supervised by smugglers who take thousands of dollars to bring them to the United States border